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Cessna Citation 550

Business executives know business does not wait for anyone. Charter First responds with a Jet Fleet that is perfect for all destination distances, especially when you need to get there quickly. Charter First operates three Cessna Citations – two Cessna Citation 650s and one Cessna Citation 550. Citation private jets are industry leading, making them the most proven, popular and trusted jets in their class.

>> Cessna Citation 550
Cessna Citation 550
Entertainment Amenities
  • Twelve Volt Outlets
  • Satellite Phone

Aircraft Features
  • Nine Passenger Seating
  • Jet Twin Engine
  • Two Executive Tables
  • 64 Cubic Feet of Luggage Capabilities
  • Very Economical

  • Range: 2,100 miles
  • Cruising Speed: 400 mph
  • Max Cruising Altitude: 43,000 ft.
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