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Why Choose Charter

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Why Choose Charter
The Benefits of Air Charter
Comfort { Never be stuck in a coach class middle seat again. By flying charter, you ride in a comfortable aircraft cabin with amenities such as a wet bar, catering, in-flight movies that you actually want to watch and roomy seats. You can kick back, relax and travel the way you deserve to.
Privacy { Never worry about who may be watching your laptop screen or listening in on your conversations. With a chartered flight you know who you are traveling with, which means you can conduct business or simply relax in a private environment.
Airport Access { Because air charter is private travel, you have access to thousands more airports than scheduled airlines. When you can select an airport that is closer to your destination, you spend more time on the important things, and less time worrying about further ground travel.
Flexibility { Take pride in having the ability to customize any travel itinerary and being in complete control over your trip. With many chartered flights you have the ability to make last-minute changes to your departure times or add additional guests. You can even change your destination en-route. Try doing that with a scheduled airline.
Cost { The cost to charter a private plane can be the same as to purchase first class flights for one sales manager and their support team. By flying charter, you can pay the same price and you gain efficiency and productivity, while receiving personalized service. For business or pleasure, that's an unbeatable offer.
Stress-Free { With a chartered flight, you don't wait for check-in, baggage claim or security lines. There are no connecting flights, airline delays or lost luggage. Simply drive up, board, depart and take care of business.
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